Checking In: Halftime Analysis

17 Mar

Before this game began, I outlined a few key areas. At halftime the Wildcats lead the Aggies 33-22. Let’s see how they are doing in those different aspects.

1) “The Aggies are going to take care of the ball, so the Wildcats had better do likewise. According to statistics of, K-State averages 15 turnovers per game, while Utah State gives the ball away around 12 times each contest.”

Utah State has 8 turnovers so far; K-State has 3.

2) K-State’s defense will need to be as effective as it has been all season, or more so. As part of the Aggies’ strategy is limiting its mistakes on offense, the Wildcats need to hassle them, frazzle them, and generally make them make mistakes.

Again, the turnover numbers. Utah State is shooting 40.9 percent from the floor, which is not awful, by any stretch of the imagination, but it shows that the team is being contained, to an extent.

3) While mentioning the necessity of making free throws is always good for a few rolling eyes, I just think it’s that important. The vast majority of these games will be decided by one or two shots, so even going 15-for-20 from the charity stripe could cost a team a win.

I said this already in a blog for the Kansas State Collegian, but it’s so great that I’ll say it again. The Wildcats made 11 of 11 attempts from the free throw line, and it just so happens that they lead by 11 points at the half …

4) In general, K-State has to make shots. This can’t be one of those 30-percent-from-the-floor nights. If that happens, there is a large possibly the Wildcats’ season will be over.

K-State is only shooting 35 percent from the floor, and 22 percent from beyond the arc, but its performance at the charity stripe is helping out quite a bit. Still, the players should pick it up some in the second half.


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