And the exodus continues: Russell, Myles leave K-State

5 May

For fans, basketball season is long over, but the program itself is going through the complicated process of recruiting, signing, and shuffling to figure out next season’s roster. In the midst of all that, two players from last year’s team – Nick Russell and Juevol Myles – have decided to transfer.

Russell played two seasons with the Wildcats, while Myles had been with the team only one season, though he came in as a junior after transferring from Tallahassee Community College.

Russell had a 19-point game in the Wildcats’ very first contest of the 2010-11 season, against James Madison, but he only scored in double digits twice more throughout the season. Myles played much less frequently than Russell – who averaged a little less than a quarter of a game – but displayed, in my opinion, some incredible speed in the rare moments he had on the court.

An article by the Kansas City Star quoted Russell as saying he wanted to go somewhere else to continue to grow as a basketball player. According to that interview, it came to down to the fact that Russell wanted to play more.

Another Star article reported that Myles will transfer because of a sickness in his family; he wants to be closer to his loved ones.

The departure of these two, of course, follows the mid-season departures of forwards Freddy Asprilla and Wally Judge.

Why is everyone taking off? It’s hard to say, although the reasons given vary from player to player. One thing is for sure, though: between the graduation of Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly and the exits of four other players, next year’s team will look very different than this year’s.


2 Responses to “And the exodus continues: Russell, Myles leave K-State”

  1. Bob Houck May 6, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    Ashley – Your discretion and lack of speculation shows a maturity lacking in some of your more experienced compatriots. Good job!

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