Awesome News: Frank Martin is on Twitter

13 May

Kansas State men’s basketball head coach Frank Martin is on Twitter.

I discovered this as one of my friends  – who is a manager for the team – mentioned him in a tweet. If you follow @FrankMartinKSU, you are gathering insight from “The Official Twitter Account of K-State Basketball Head Coach, Frank Martin.”

While Martin could probably have someone tweet for him, I don’t think that is the case here. If you’ve heard the coach talk before, with his habitual word choice and mannerisms, you’ll more than likely share my opinion. The tweets just sound like Martin, and the 14 tweets from him so far have proved quite informative.

Fact #1: Martin graced the social media site with his virtual presence beginning May 10, when he tweeted:

“Hello world of Twitter. Thought it’s about time i started sharing with you all the great things about K-State Basketball!!!”

… and later …

“As I unwind on my 1st day on twitter I give thanks 4 being the luckiest man alive..I work at a great place w great people & BIGTIME kids”

Fact #2: Martin follows the NBA, at least to an extent. He made several comments about the Miami Heat, including this one on May 12:

“Heat, they have more than the bulls and unlike Atlanta Miami defends. Great series though I say in 6”

Quite frankly, I think it is great that the coach is on Twitter. Martin is generally a pretty candid guy, and it’s always interesting to hear what he has to say. People are used to the crazy guy who yells on the sideline, so it’ll be good for everyone to have a bit more well-rounded perspective of the man who has put Kansas State basketball back in the spotlight.


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