Kansas State will stop using university money to fund athletics

19 May

This year, K-State Athletics, Inc., had a $47 million budget. Three percent of it ($1.526 million) came from university general funding at Kansas State. But next year, that amount will be $1 million; the year after that, it will be $750,000; and the year after that, it will be $350,000. Then, K-State Athletics will have completely eliminated its practice of using some money from university general funding of Kansas State, according to a recent press release.

University president Kirk Schulz and athletics director John Currie worked together to put together a plan to produce that result. As a college student myself, especially in today’s economic climate, I have to say it’s encouraging to see a school taking steps to free up funds for the academic side of a school. In other words, more money available for scholarships sounds like a good thing to me!

Here is Currie’s official rationale (from the K-State press release) for the decision:

“Adding value to the greater university and operating with fiscal responsibility are two of our five core goals. Thanks to the support and participation of Wildcat fans nationwide who attend K-State ballgames and support the Ahearn Fund, as well as the bright future of the Big 12, most recently evidenced by the new FOX television contract, we are able to take this important and historic step.”


2 Responses to “Kansas State will stop using university money to fund athletics”

  1. David Ward December 19, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    Highlights of Jordan Ward Olathe South, Although there has been no interest from K State:

  2. David Ward December 19, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    The last game of the highlights is from the 6A championship game, Jordan transfered schools and was not allowed to play Varsity sports his Jr. Year, and then in the 2nd game of this season he suffered a high ankle sprain that kept him out for more than 3 games. Given all that he still rushed for more than 1700 yards and in his last 5 games ( 4 in playoffs) he rushed for more than 1100 yards with 9.5 yards a carry for his last 5 games. Just thought you migh enjoy the video.

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