Superlatives & Sports: May 25, 2011

25 May
  • Most befuddling acronymn – As I read through the AP sports stories today, I came across one about corruption in FIFA, the organization in charge of soccer. I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic, but I found at least one part of it intriguing. The article contains a reference to the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football – also known as “CONCACAF.” Okay, I understand that the organization’s title is a mouthful – but surely it can’t be any more taxing than trying to spit out the “short” version of it! How does one pronounce “CONCACAF”? CON-ca-caf? Con-CA-caf? Con-ca-CAF? That’s one acronym that’s surely intended mainly for print use, but even there, it looks pretty ridiculous.
  • Most significant passing – Paul Splittorff, a Royals legend who graced the mound as well as the press box, died at age 64 today after a battle with cancer. For more on the man and his career, I recommend this article by 42-year AP veteran Doug Tucker.
  • Most original practice habits – In Game 4 of the Western Finals, which featured the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the broadcast included just a few seconds of a private shooting session between the Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki and his mentor Holger Geschwinder. You remember how the YMCA coaches always got mad when you spent time tossing up fadeaways, half-court bombs and general circus shots? Well, apparently Nowitzki has earned a bit more freedom. In the video clip, he was practicing a shot in which he pushed off just one foot while falling away from the basket. Then the highlights crew pulled up a game clip, featuring the exact same motion. I guess it goes to show you that “practice makes perfect” after all.
  • Most entertaining wardrobe – I will give him this: Craig Sager has found a very tangible way to separate himself from the pack. If you’ve seen him on the sideline for even one game, chances are you know whom I’m talking about. He’s the one you always see in bright colors with creatively patterned ties and accessories. More than likely, you’ve seen his outfits, then fumbled for the rewind button to find the answer to the burning question: “Who on earth is that guy?” If you too are amused by this reporter’s choice of clothing, enjoy this little gem:

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