Jacob Pullen inks first pro contract, signs with Italian team

12 Jul

Here's a view of Biella, Italy, where Pullen's new team is based. The photo is from visititaly.com.

Of course, Jacob Pullen’s first choice for an employer would be an NBA team. However, a small (50,000) town in Italy with gorgeous scenery hardly seems like the worst alternative in the world.

As announced today in a press release from K-State Sports, Pullen will be playing for Pallacanestro Biella – more commonly known as Angelico Biella, which competes in Series A of the Italian League. It’s the highest level of basketball in that country. While the language barrier could pose issues here and there, the Chicago native will have four American teammates.

Pullen graduated from Kansas State as the school’s all-time leading scorer. He led the Wildcats in 12 statistical categories his senior year. With Angelico Biella, the game schedule will more mirror that of the American college game than the NBA: the team usually plays a 30-game regular season followed by an eight-team playoff.

The K-State press release included a quote – translated from Italian – from Marco Atripaldi, CEO and general manager of Angelico Biella.

“Jacob is a player who impressed us with his qualities on both sides of the field of personality and a very close relationship with the public, all characteristics that make a player from Biella.”

My guess it that means they found him loyal, dedicated and personable. More or less, they like him. I have a feeling the team, which went 11-19 last season, will like him even more once the season starts. I could be wrong, but I would say that having a competitor like Pullen on a team always increases the chances of winning. It sure did in Kansas; it’ll be exciting to see if it does in Italy as well.



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