Preseason Predictions for K-State Football

9 Aug

Making educated guesses about the future is a favorite occupation of journalists and fans alike, so here and up for debate is my win-loss schedule for the Kansas State Wildcats, based on what I’ve read about them and their opponents. Check out my reasoning beneath the actual schedule, and feel free to comment with your opinions and rationale. (Full disclosure: Remember that I am a college student at Kansas State and am therefore predisposed to optimism about the team’s chances!) 

                    Preseason Predictions

Sept. 3          Eastern Kentucky            W            1-0

Sept. 17        Kent State                          W            2-0

Sept. 24        @ Miami (Fla.)                L            2-1

Oct. 1            Baylor                                 W            3-1

Oct. 8            Missouri                            W            4-1

Oct. 15           @ Texas Tech                  W            5-1

Oct. 22           @ Kansas                         W            6-1

Oct. 29           Oklahoma                        L            6-2

Nov. 5             @ Oklahoma State         L            6-3

Nov. 12            Texas A&M                     W            7-3

Nov. 19           @ Texas                            L            7-4

Nov. 26           Iowa State                        W             8-4

Kansas State should easily win the first two games, simply because that’s the reason those games are on the schedule. The next nonconference game is at Miami, and while the Wildcats might win that one, I think the players might need a few more game experiences together before being able to take a decent opponent on the road. I think Kansas State should win against Baylor because it will have the home field advantage and because the Bears have a very talented offense but marginal defense.

For my first major upset pick, I’ll take Kansas State over Missouri simply because then everyone will have played a few games together, it’s home field advantage, and the Tigers are short some of their big names from last season. I’m picking the Wildcats over Texas Tech and Kansas because, although those are road games, I think both those teams have some rebuilding going on that can be exploited. However, Kansas State will likely lose to Oklahoma simply because it’s hard to compete with the physical ability of the players on a team that is No.1 in the country going into the season.

At Oklahoma State, my thought is that the Wildcats won’t be able to keep up the pace on offense. It will be a shootout, and it’s a game Kansas State should be competitive in, but the edge goes to the Cowboys, in my mind. Against Texas A&M in Manhattan, I think the Wildcats can pull another upset. I don’t necessarily have much of a concrete reason for this one; it’s just a feeling. At Texas, I put Kansas State as losing because the Wildcats have beaten the Longhorns so much recently. They’ll be out for revenge, and in Austin, they just might get it. Lastly, the Wildcats should beat Iowa State at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. While the Cyclones are not a pushover, Kansas State should be able to fend them off at the end of the season.


2 Responses to “Preseason Predictions for K-State Football”

  1. Bob Houck August 9, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    8-4 would not be too shabby, However, you may be a bit optimistic (6-6 sounds about right). Nevertheless, as a loyal reader, I will root for your prediction to be correct. Have a great school year.

    • Ashley Dunkak August 9, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

      Thanks so much, Bob! You have a great year as well.

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