Another defector from the Big 12?

12 Aug

Only about one year ago, the 12-team Big 12 Conference became the 10-team Big 12 Conference as Nebraska left for the Big 10 and Colorado waltzed off to the Pac-10. Now, there are rumblings that Texas A&M is also considering a move.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry – an alumnus of Texas A&M – confirmed that discussions were being held between his school and the SEC. While some websites are saying this move is a sure thing, others disagree. Obviously, the legal and fiscal ramifications of this kind of change would serve as effective roadblocks, but the possibility of the Big 12 becoming a nine-member conference is looming large.

Personally, I don’t understand why the Aggies would want to leave. Why trash all your history and rivalries to play a bunch of schools that no one in your fan base cares about? There are generations of people who will miss those Texas-Texas A&M games and Texas Tech-Texas A&M games. Just like I think Nebraska will regret ditching its tradition and old rivals for more television revenue, I think Texas A&M will be sorry if it cuts ties with the league it’s been part of for so long.

Also, if you look at what Nebraska and Texas A&M have in common, it might be spite toward Texas. Nebraska, despite having a dominant football program for years, could never surpass Texas, who nearly always beat the Huskers and always got a bigger slice of the TV money pie. Texas A&M has been good and competitive in recent years, but who gets their own television network deal and wants to televise some of its conference games as well as high school games? The Longhorns.

This topic is certainly one to keep an eye on. Here are the recent stories I’ve found about the issue:

Texas A&M official on SEC move: ‘There’s no agreement in principle’

Report: Texas A&M considering SEC


2 Responses to “Another defector from the Big 12?”

  1. lilapplepokeapplepoke August 12, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    The administration at aTm has to be crazy. Right now they are near the top in the Big 12 -2. I don’t see how they could ever be competitive in the SEC. Look at the to future opponents: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, even Mississippi State and Tennessee are rebuilding their programs. Where do you see the Aggies ranking against this group? I can’t believe they can outdo texas in recruiting, even with the appeal of playing in the SEC.

    • Ashley Dunkak August 12, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

      I agree that recruiting would probably suffer if the Aggies move to the SEC. I would assume that A&M’s biggest recruiting pool is Texas, and I would think that Texas kids would want to compete in the Big 12, the league they’ve grown up watching with nearby rivals. Also, while they are at the top in the Big 12, it’s not as if they’ve been there forever. They’re far from the perennial powers that are Alabama, LSU, etc. All in all, I concur: bad idea for A&M to leave the Big 12!

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