Former Wildcat athletes will call games for K-StateHD.TV

22 Aug

While some of the programming on K-State’s new online network will be free of charge, athletic events will not. The university seems to be making the cost a worthwhile one, however, by putting together a team of familiar names for its on-air talent.

Household name Mark Simoneau, a former football All-American who is No. 3 in school history with 400 tackles in his career and went on to play for multiple NFL teams, is probably the most famous of the bunch, while the names of recent graduates Clent Stewart and Chris Merriewether, both of whom played basketball for the Wildcats, will also ring a bell for most.

Also All-Americans, if less well-known, are Liz Wegner-Bush (volleyball) and Craig Wilson (baseball). Women’s basketball player Danielle Zanotti will also be joining the team.

Personally, I love this. As someone who has seen these players in the past, I am way more interested in getting K-State HD.TV than I would be otherwise because I think it is neat to have the opportunity to get their insight on games. Good call, KSU.



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