Frank Martin announces two walk-ons to basketball team

25 Aug

According to a press release from the KSU sports information department, the men’s basketball team grew to 16 players today with the additions of guards Shawn Meyer (6’5″ and 210) and Brian Rohleder (6’3″ and 210) as walk-ons.

Here are the basics on these guys, straight from KSU’s official announcement:

  • A graduate of Blue Springs South High School of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Shaun Meyer averaged just a few rebounds away from a double-double (16 points and 8 rebounds per game) throughout his career there. His team went 20-8 his senior season. Meyer also kept up with his academics, maintaining a high GPA, according to K-State’s press release. His projected major is construction science and management.
  • Brian Rohleder, from Bishop Carroll High School in Wichita, had some family ties to the university already, though not via Bramlage Coliseum; his brother, Kevin, played in the other stadium in Manhattan as a linebacker from 2007-2010. Though he played high school football in addition to basketball, Rohleder is another one who kept up in the classroom aspect of school, graduating in the top 10 percent of his class and majoring in engineering, according to the press release.
Here’s head coach Frank Martin’s statement from the press release:
“Shawn and Brian are both excellent additions to our program. Both players have already shown the necessary hard work and commitment to help our basketball team.”
Here is what I found as far as articles about the players:
Here’s my take:
I think the Wildcats make a good move in putting guys on the team who have shown dedication to their studies as well as their basketball teams. Martin once said that the reason he liked Jacob Pullen so much was that he discovered he was so loyal to his family, and Martin knew that if he could be loyal to them, he could be loyal to the basketball team. I’d like to think there is a parallel between that situation and this one: kids who have successfully balanced sports with academics throughout high school are probably going to have habits conducive to making that happen in college as well. Being able to manage one’s time is a crucial skill for a college athlete, and having players who will study and quickly absorb the plays, game film, and game plans is a plus as well.

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