Locketts appreciate Snyder’s coaching for “life after football”

11 Sep

Kevin Lockett, Kansas State’s all-time leading receiver who went on to play seven years in the NFL, was not surprised that his son, Tyler, decided to play football for the Wildcats. What he did not expect was that the coaching staff would be strikingly similar to what it was when he played there from 1993-1996.

“I just had no idea that Coach Snyder and his staff would still be there,” Kevin said. “So that was part of what, I believe, made the decision a little bit easier on him when he was selecting a college. We knew the exact experience that he was going to get, and this was something that made me feel comfortable as a parent knowing that, again, he was not going to just get coached on the field, but he was really going to get prepared for life after football.”

Despite the must-win mentality of big-time college football, Snyder took the time, Lockett said, to help him mature as a young man and prepare him for life after football. Accordingly, the focus was not only on what happened on the field, but off-the-field behavior as well.

Aaron Lockett, one of the best kick returners in school history and the brother of Kevin, characterized Snyder as a “standup guy” who taught players to be accountable and productive and gave them a chance to be successful.

“Football is great, but considering that his father and I both played, went to a high level and now are both working, let’s look at education first,” Aaron said. “Make sure you go to a university that gives you an opportunity to be successful in life.”



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