Happy 72nd Birthday to Bill Snyder

7 Oct

Coach Snyder discusses a play with an official during the Baylor game. (Photo by Charlie Riedel / AP)

Since the Kansas State coach only takes time to eat twice a day, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be spending much time celebrating his birthday today, particularly with a game against a deceptively capable 2-2 Missouri team happening tomorrow.

On Tuesday, he acknowledged this. With a wry laugh, he said that Friday would consist of meetings … nothing birthday-related. Still, even if his birthday doesn’t excite him very much, you know other people want to tease him and congratulate him about it. That got me thinking – What would be a good present for Bill Snyder?

I started pondering all the different aspects of the game and life – because most of the principles he endorses are tied to both – that seem to make him happiest: family, constant improvement, discipline, and winning. While he doesn’t talk about that last one in such passionate terms as the others, I noticed that on Tuesday he wore a bright purple tie instead of the demure, pale yellow one he usually sports for press conferences. With a bit of poetic license, I interpret that as his optimism/excitement about the success this season’s team has had.

Anyway … combining all those elements … I think I’ve come up with an acceptable present for Coach Snyder:

A win in which the Wildcats 1) get more yardage than they’ve amassed against comparable opponents this season while giving up less, 2) commit no penalties or turnovers because everyone is in the right place at the right time, and 3) display tremendous morale and support for each other throughout the game.


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