Snyder talks about rumor of Paterno leaving Penn State

8 Nov

During Kansas State coach Bill Snyder’s weekly press conference, he gave (upon request) his reaction to news that Penn State coach Joe Paterno is on his way out after 46 years at the school. Paterno was expected to hold a press conference of his own today and address the sexual abuse allegations against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. However, the school cancelled Paterno’s press conference. Since then, rumor is that Paterno will be leaving the university soon.

Here was Snyder’s take on the possibility of Paterno leaving Penn State:

“I saw the newscast, and I didn’t necessarily garner that feeling that he was gone, and I don’t know why he would be. I haven’t spoken to Joe since this has taken place. I’m really saddened by that – I didn’t know Jerry Sandusky, but I know he was a very fine football coach. It really is saddening. I know this: I know Joe Paterno is an honest, forthright individual, and I trust immensely whatever his response is, it’s accurate. I know it’s got to be a sad day there. I feel badly for all involved, whichever side you might be on.”

Snyder and Paterno are two of six active coaches with at least 150 wins. Others include Steve Spurrier of South Carolina, Gary Pinkel of Missouri, Mack Brown of Texas and Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech.


One Response to “Snyder talks about rumor of Paterno leaving Penn State”

  1. Arlene Westbrook November 10, 2011 at 11:29 am #

    Why is it that no one is shocked and worried about the victims? Only mention is the coach and fine coaching job by Sandusky, really, that is all that is important here.

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