Kansas State accepts invitation to Cotton Bowl: Like or Dislike?

4 Dec

The system snubbed the Wildcats as far as a BCS bowl. Without getting into analysis of the matchup too much just yet, here’s what we can like and dislike about this selection. We’ll start with the easy part.


Kansas State should be in a BCS bowl. So should Arkansas. How do two top-10 teams end up in a non-BCS bowl when two non-top-10 teams get a BCS bowl? This is when we start to complain about how awful of a system the BCS really is. There is nothing to be done about that though, which is frustrating. However …


The BCS would not give the country a Big 12 – SEC matchup in the national championship game. Everyone talks about the offense of the Big 12 and the defense of the SEC. It’s a shame Oklahoma State will not take on LSU in the national championship game. From my perspective, how can you can say that the SEC is far and away the best conference when those teams do not play Big 12 teams? A game between teams from those two conferences would settle the arguments. Again, the championship game should fulfill that role, but it will not. The good news is that this Cotton Bowl can. Kansas State can represent the Big 12 against Arkansas representing the SEC. To me, that’s awfully exciting. Also, the game will be at the Cowboys’ stadium in Dallas. How awesome for the college players to get to compete in a place of that caliber! Additionally, it should be a pretty incredible experience for fans as well.


The bowl game is sold out. 65,000 seats is the technical sell-out – that does not include suites or standing-area plazas. Last year there were around 80,000 at the Cotton Bowl game, said bowl chairman Tommy Bain, and they are expecting about 75,000 this year. As far as Kansas State is concerned, there are 2,500 student tickets that will go on sale – 500 for seats at $125 each, and 2,000 for standing room at $50 each. As follows, roughly 10 percent of the Kansas State student body would be able to attend this game on student tickets. All in all, this is a great bowl game. For a team that was supposed to finish 8th of 10 teams in its conference, Kansas State has proved that nothing is out of reach if you work hard. A 10-2 record and a berth in the Cotton Bowl is a huge, huge accomplishment.


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