Answering ESPN’s Call: My Super Bowl Predictions

5 Feb

“Think you know EXACTLY what’s going to go down tonight? Well, prove it here -> #SuperPickEm

When I saw this tweet, my curiosity got the better of me. The setup seemed so similar to the joy of bracketology during March Madness that I could not resist filling out the extraordinarily thorough questionnaire about what will happen in the Super Bowl.

So without further ado, here are my picks, as entered into ESPN.

Which team will score first? Giants

What will be the first scoring play of the game? Touchdown
Which QB will throw for more passing yards in the FIRST HALF? Eli Manning (or tie)
Which team will be leading at halftime? Giants (or tie)
Will Madonna play her song “Hung Up” during the halftime show? No 
Which WR will record more receiving yards? Wes Welker
Will there be a defensive or special teams TD scored? Yes
How many receiving yards will Victor Cruz (NYG) record? 100 yards or more
Will either team score 3 times in a row? (PATs do not count) No
Will there be a TOUCHDOWN scored of 60 yards or more? No
Which running back will have more RUSHING YARDS? Ahmad Bradshaw
How long will the longest MADE FIELD GOAL be? 45 yards or more
Will any quarter have 21 points (or more) scored? No
Will Eli Manning and Tom Brady both throw an INTERCEPTION? No – one or neither
Will Rob Gronkowski (TE) catch a TD pass? No
Which QB will throw for more passing yards in the game? Eli Manning
Will the game be TIED at any point in the 4th quarter? No
Will there be a SCORE in the last 2 minutes of the game? No
Will the Super Bowl MVP be a QB? Yes
Which team will win the Super Bowl? Giants

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