Statement from Currie leaves many unanswered questions

21 Mar

Kansas State released a letter from athletic director John Currie this evening that addressed the one-game suspension of senior Jamar Samuels during the third round of the NCAA tournament. The full letter can be found here, on the K-State website, but I’ve included below the content that most pertains to the situation with Samuels.

I can understand Currie’s concern about the potential for more drastic discipline of the basketball program in the future, but I still have questions about this situation. Was the acceptance of money by Samuels from his former AAU coach Curtis Malone the “violation” Currie mentioned? Did those sorts of transactions really take place throughout Samuels’ career, as Malone indicated? If so, how did those interactions go unnoticed/unregulated during that time? Will Kansas State be penalized for other times that Samuels might have accepted money from Malone?

Also, I want an explanation of this “prior relationship” clause that everyone keeps citing. Is a transaction like the one that allegedly occurred between Samuels and Malone a violation of that rule, or is it permissible?

To me, this situation seems like a perfect opportunity to clarify whether such giving/receiving is okay by NCAA standards. Why not use it as an example to educate student-athletes and the public in general on what is acceptable?

Currie spoke for the administration in probably the last statement the school will issue about Samuels, but the continuing lack of specificity about why the senior missed out on his final game is perplexing.


One Response to “Statement from Currie leaves many unanswered questions”

  1. Bucky Bucholtz March 22, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    The rule must be much more complicated than it would appear if it took Mr. Curry and NCAA “Staff” all Friday night and Saturday morning to interpret the rule, and give the University the decision to bar Jamar from further competition.

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