Coaching Search: Over?

31 Mar

In a press release sent at 10:03 Saturday morning, Kansas State called another news conference regarding the men’s basketball program, less than a week after the conference in which it announced the resignation of Frank Martin.

Athletic director John Currie said in the Tuesday meeting with media that the search for the next head coach would be conducted confidentially and that he would not be available for further comment until he had completed the search.

That statement would seem to suggest that this afternoon we will learn the identity of the new coach. While it would be awesome if Currie and university president Kirk Schulz would further clarify the Jamar Samuels situation or talk about candidates for the coaching job- including Doug Gottlieb! – I would say simply announcing a coach is much more likely.

So who will it be? I’m sorry to everyone who is intrigued by the idea of the ESPN analyst and former college player coming into Kansas State and having tremendous success as a first-time coach, but that is not going to happen. After all this controversy, I think Currie will stick to a safer, more prudent choice. Since a program cannot find a bigger, more recognizable name than Martin, I would think the administration has chosen someone with Kansas State ties that the alumni can embrace.

From what I’ve heard, that category would include Tim Jankovich, Steve Henson and Brad Underwood.

I will be reporting from the press conference, so if you want the live updates, you can follow me on Twitter at @AshleyDunkak.


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