Klein closes in on Sproles’ record, validates Heisman talk

13 Oct

If Collin Klein keeps this up, he is never going to get reporters to stop asking all those pesky Heisman Trophy questions.

Entering Saturday’s Farmageddon matchup, the Kansas State quarterback had recorded 40 career rushing touchdowns.

After a 27-21 victory over Iowa State in Ames, he has 43.

The school record, held by eight-year NFL veteran Darren Sproles, is 45.

Never mind that Klein is a quarterback – not a running back – or that this is just his second year as a starter. While calling him a Heisman contender seems counter to his casual demeanor and humble deflections of credit, it seems ignorant not to say it. The fact he could easily break Sproles’ record by a dozen touchdowns is just another piece of evidence to that end.

Quite a few statistics will give you a similar conclusion, and so will people with much more football experience than me.

“He’s an All-American in my book,” Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoades said. “He doesn’t get the attention because he’s not as flashy and doesn’t put up the gaudy numbers that some of the other college football players do, but he has a 6-0 football team that is ranked in the top five in the country. They can play with anybody in the country with arguably less talent on the field than everybody in the top 10 if not everybody in the top 15.”

The Heisman goes to the most outstanding college football player in the United States.

Besides sky-high numbers, one attribute that makes a player outstanding is the level of play he inspires from those around him, and I think it can be argued quite convincingly that no one does a better job of that than Klein.

We’ll see what happens, but at the rate Klein and the Wildcats are rolling, though it seems improbable, it might be more surprising if he doesn’t win the Heisman.


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