Recovery: Where Kansas State Goes from Here

22 Nov

Even though Kansas State’s underdog bid for a national championship berth came to a screeching halt after a surprising and crushing loss to unranked Baylor on Saturday, the Wildcats are solid.

Kansas State has still won 10 games. It still has one to go. The season is not lost by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, the defeat will leave a scar.

“Heartbreaking does not even describe it,” said quarterback Collin Klein, “but at the same time we just have to make sure that we do not let Baylor beat us twice. We have to go back to what we know, and that is just trying to be the best we can be, contribute in helping each other and being a good teammate. We just cannot waste any days.”

Thanks to a bye on Nov. 24, players and coaches will get a mental and physical break when they leave the complex on Wednesday to be with their families for Thanksgiving. When they return to Manhattan and regroup on Sunday, though, the workload picks up in earnest.

Coach Bill Snyder had a long list of reasons for the loss to the Bears, and bettering the Wildcats at those basics was a priority before the break and will continue to be one after the break.

“From an offensive standpoint, we just struggled staying on blocks, we had some difficulty with our pass protection, we had difficulty with assignments in regards to our pass protection, a couple dropped balls and just a lack of consistency in terms of moving the ball,” Snyder said.

“Defensively, we gave up big plays that hurt us, some that were repetitious that we failed to get corrections made,” he added. “We struggled in terms of tackling. We missed a lot of assignments. We were obviously not good against the running game. That was the most yardage that Baylor has accumulated in the rushing game their entire season. So we certainly struggled with that and the big plays.”

Obviously, Saturday’s loss was an anomaly in several ways. In the two areas which have been most vital to Kansas State’s success – avoiding penalties and avoiding turnovers – the Wildcats were completely out of character. They also struggled with losses of players to injuries – Tre Walker, Ty Zimmerman, Curry Sexton, Tyler Lockett, etc. – as well as injuries that did not keep players out but certainly limited their abilities.


To end the season 11-1 with a victory over Texas, the Wildcats just need to get back to what got them this far.

If Kansas State can do that, this year’s seniors can end their collegiate careers with a final win at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. An 11-1 record is nothing to be ashamed of, and a win in Manhattan over Texas would certainly put an exclamation point on that statement.


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