Snyder’s take on Jamone Boyd

6 Feb

When news about Jamone Boyd’s arrest on charges of armed robbery broke on Monday, media outlets identified Boyd as committed to Kansas State (KSHB) and expecting to receive a scholarship (Yahoo). According to Kansas State coach Bill Snyder, neither of those characterizations are accurate. Here is what Snyder said about Boyd on Wednesday at the end of his signing day press conference:

“I don’t know how all that got where it was. We had dialogue with him a long, long time ago and indicated that we could not scholarship him and that we recommended to him to go to a community college. There was no – we never had dialogue about, what I was told, a commitment. That never existed. I don’t know where it all came from. I feel badly for the youngster. I don’t know him, but I certainly feel badly for his family. That can’t be fun.” had Boyd listed as having been offered a scholarship by Kansas State, and another website reported that Boyd was unofficially visiting the campus for the weekend of the Wildcats’ Senior Night game against Texas.

Many online publications – including this one – referred to Boyd as a Kansas State commit. Apparently, that was never the case, at least not on an official level.


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