Diaz second player to transfer during offseason

8 Apr

Citing a desire to finish out his college basketball career closer to his home in Miami, sophomore Adrian Diaz announced he is transferring from Kansas State. While he very well may want to be nearer to family, he probably also wants to play more.

Diaz never quite found a niche in new coach Bruce Weber’s offense. Small, nimble Nino Williams – who got very little playing time under former coach Frank Martin – turned out to be a much better fit. Williams averaged right around double the minutes and double the rebounds of Diaz this season. A four-guard offense, which Kansas State moved to during the season, is generally a quick one, and Diaz just did not mesh well with the system.

Under Martin in 2011-2012, Diaz played in 23 games – including 12 conference games – and in 10 of them he got at least 10 minutes of court time. That season he had an 11-point game against Texas, and he snagged nine rebounds versus Oklahoma State. More or less, the nearly-7-feet-tall Diaz was regarded as a promising presence in the paint who would eventually succeed fellow big man Jordan Henriquez. Fans did not necessarily expect Diaz to take the league by storm this season, but it was generally thought he could progress from year before and have a meaningful impact.

However, he should not have a problem finding a place that wants him that is also near home. According to Diaz’s bio on kstatesports.com, UCF, Purdue, Miami (Fla.), Virginia Tech, South Florida, FIU and North Florida all offered Diaz scholarships when he was coming out of high school, and he also attracted interest from Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee and Syracuse. Obviously not all those opportunities will still be available, but if nothing else because of his height, he should get some looks.


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