I started working for the Associated Press my sophomore year at Kansas State. The sports editor of the K-State Collegian at the time, my friend and mentor Justin Nutter, freelanced for the AP. He had me fill in for him at one game, and when he started writing for another publication, his AP colleague, 40+ year veteran Doug Tucker, asked if I would want to work with him like Nutter had.

Of course, I did, and the rest is history. This is my third year covering games, writing features and generally helping out for the AP.


Partly because of the exposure from writing for the news service, I occasionally got the opportunity in 2011 to talk sports with Tyler Pyburn, host of the Pulse Network’s the Pulse on Campus, an online sports show that follows … that’s right, you guessed it: college sports. One of our conversations:

What are K-State’s chances in this season’s NCAA tournament?


During my freshman and sophomore years at Kansas State, I wrote several hundred articles for the school paper, the K-State Collegian. I started writing in my first semester, for many different desks, but after those first several months I eventually zeroed in on sports. I began by writing weekly player features from football press conferences, and by my the second semester of my sophomore year, I was covering the men’s basketball beat.

To see articles I’ve written for the Kansas State Collegian, just go to and type “Dunkak” into the search box. To find the non-sports ones, just click through more pages. They are back there, I promise. Meanwhile, here are just a few of my sports stories from that time.

What kind of long-term impact have K-State’s trials had? You might be surprised what the players had to say.

By the Numbers: The Big 12, the Big Dance, and Tuscon

K-State and Jacob Pullen: After four years, they’re still a good match.

Kelly rises above struggles to help team, earn degree

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