Public Relations

I spent this past summer going to Community America Ballpark almost every day. As a media relations intern for minor league baseball’s Kansas City T-Bones, I learned a ton about the sport as well the ins and outs of doing public relations for a sports team. Two other interns and I created and updated daily game notes, wrote features and game stories and generally did whatever was needed, including transporting giant reams of paper from the downstairs offices to the upstairs press box.

I had a blast. I wanted to give the internship a try because I had worked in both sports journalism and public relations, so I thought it would be educational to experience a combination of the two.


I got my first internship after my freshman year at Kansas State. I worked as a communications intern for K-State Olathe. My path toward this job began when I covered for the Collegian a meeting about the first plans for K-State Olathe. I met the campus’ CEO, Dan Richardson, and the article I wrote for the school paper impressed him. When I emailed several contacts asking about summer internships, Dan responded, and since my family is from Olathe, working at the new campus was a perfect match.

I had a fantastic time working with Dan and the others at K-State Olathe, which when I began working there was an office suite with five people. Now, of course, the campus consists of a gorgeous, state-of-the-art building that now houses classes, company labs and all kinds of events. I got to work there the next summer, after my sophomore year, where I again had a great experience.

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