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The “Inner Arthur” Brown

21 Sep

Kansas State middle linebacker and team captain Arthur Brown is known as a quiet guy, the epitome of the “leader by example” who lets his play on the field do most of his talking for him. At least, that’s how he is most of the time.

Safety Tysyn Hartman said that while Brown is not the type of guy to get excited about much, it’s a riot when he does.

“Every now and then we’ll tell a joke or something, but when he does laugh and get funny, he gets kind of physical,” Hartman said, unable to talk about his teammate without smiling. “That’s one of the only times where he actually gets loud and the inner Arthur shows. Shaking shoulders and doing all that, it’s pretty funny.”

When Hartman first saw this lighter, more jovial side of Brown, it took him off guard. When he talks about that initial impression, he can’t help laughing.

“Me and Chris [Harper] saw it on separate occasions, and it was funny because he had brought it up to me and I was like, ‘That just happened to me like two days ago!’ so it was pretty funny that I wasn’t the only one experiencing it.”

Whether he’s completely focused or having a little fun, it’s hard to argue that Brown has been anything but a perfect addition to the Kansas State defense.