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The Honey Badger Way

25 Oct

Klein (7) reacts after his team held Miami inside the 2-yard line during the final minute of the game. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

Throughout the season, the toughness of a certain Kansas State quarterback has become more and more apparent – so much so, in fact, to spawn a YouTube video of highlights of his plays with audio describing a honey badger, a creature renowned for its fearlessness, toughness and resiliency in the face of scarier-looking foes – like, for example, snakes.

His teammates have certainly gotten a huge kick out of the video, and they enjoy teasing him about it.

“We make fun of him all the time, on Twitter and things like that. I know we get a real kick out of it. He gets kind of embarrassed sometimes because he doesn’t like that much attention, but we like seeing him embarrassed like that sometimes. He’s always playing that tough-guy role, so seeing him out of his element sometimes is pretty funny.”

For his part, the always-modest Klein seems to find it pretty hilarious too. He said the video was a learning experience – before seeing it, he did not know what a honey badger was or what it looked like. He couldn’t help laughing as he tried to answer what commonalities he might have with the animal.

Evidently they’re pretty tough sons of guns. That’s about all I know, really, and eat cobras. I don’t eat cobras, if you’re going to ask that question.

In all seriousness, though, Klein’s toughness – which he says is inspired by the effort of the guys on the field with him – has been a rallying point for his teammates on many occasions. Defensive end Tysyn Hartman said he has not seen Klein slide yet, which Hartman and others appreciate.

“Some of these quarterbacks, they run, they slide, give up an extra yard or two to save their bodies. He’s giving it up for the program. That’s leadership at its finest. We see him giving up his body to get those extra few yards, get the first down, and that makes us want to play harder.”