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Compliments of Texas A&M

28 Feb

It is common knowledge that coaching is a small world. Hardly surprising, then, is that not only is Texas A&M coach Billy Kennedy familiar with Kansas State coach Frank Martin, but he once offered him a job.

During the Aggie’s weekly press conference on Monday, Kennedy had some interesting perspective on the fifth-year coach of the Wildcats.

Can you talk about your relationship with Frank Martin?

“Frank and I go way back. I offered Frank a job when he was in between jobs in Miami when I was the head coach at Southeastern Louisiana, because I knew the kind of coach he was and the kind of recruiter he was. It didn’t work out but we’ve maintained a relationship from then on. I really think he does a great job. To be the winningest coach at Kansas State in the first however many years he’s been coaching there says a lot. He’s done a tremendous job.”

Is that stare scary to you?

“(laughing) Haha, no. Frank’s a big teddy bear, people don’t realize that.”

Would you still tell his players that?

“His players love playing for him. That’s how he is. He loves those kids more than most people really know.”

What makes him a teddy bear?

“He’s got a soft heart. He cares about people and he cares about his players in a deep way. I know that because I know guys who played for him in high school when I was coaching in Miami, and good friends of his who grew up with him. The loyalty he has and the relationship he has with his friends is pretty good.”