Why the name?

When I decided on “Fabulous Sports Babe” as the title for this site, it was not to profess that I am either fabulous or a babe, but rather to introduce you to my background and explain my fascination with sports.

I come from a family of three girls. My dad felt that at least one of us had to be able to converse knowledgeably about sports and cars, and I turned out to be that girl. We both love to read Sports Illustrated, and my mom says we always end up telling her about the same parts of articles.

As such is the case, my dad is extraordinarily proud when my mom, my sisters or I know some obscure sports fact, rattle off a random player’s former team, or quote a sportscaster (“Throw it down, big man! Throw it down!” – Bill Walton).

In those instances, Dad gets a big grin on his face – thrilled that his passion for sports has filtered along to the rest of us – and refers to the speaker as a “fabulous sports babe!”

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